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Published Books

Self Help

Stress Relief That WorksStress Relief That Works: How to Think Your Way from Stressed-Out to Peaceful




Heroic Stories to Change Your Life Series

How to Get Out of the True Self TrapHow to Get Out of the True Self Trap: The Life Changing Secrets of Heroic Stories




Does The Bible Really Say That? Series

Your True Self IdentityYour True Self Identity: How Familiar Translations of Bible Verses in the Gospel of Matthew Hide Your True Identity From You




Gospel of Wealth or Poverty?Gospel of Wealth or Poverty? How Do Bible Verses about Jesus, Wealth, Poverty, and Heaven Affect Your Income?




Writing Books

Book Writing Made Simple Series

Book Writing Made Simple (Vol 1)Book  Writing Made Simple Volume 1: How to Start Writing a Book with the Right Question




Book Writing Made Simple (Vol 2) Book Writing Made Simple Volume 2: How One Question Can Eliminate Your Greatest Obstacle to Writing Your Book




Book Writing Made Simple (Vol 3) Book Writing Made Simple Volume 3: Do You Know What Your Reader Really Wants?




Other Writing Books

BoBook Writing Made Simple 3-in-1 ok Writing Made Simple 3-in-1: How to Write a Book the Simple Way




On WOn Writing Wordsriting Words: A Writer’s Essential Relations with Words




Writer's Block Writers Block and Your True Self: 4 Questions to Banish Writers Block




Kindle Mini Books

Does Positive Thinking Work? Does Positive Thinking Work? When Positive Affirmations Aren’t Enough to Change Your Life





The Hidden Reason Why You Are StuckThe Hidden Reason Why You Are Stuck: A True Story about the Difference between Success and Failure





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